How to Use Coding in TPT Product Descriptions

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Overall regular TPT product descriptions can be pretty bland – regular type, one size, no pizzaz!


Solution? Use coding to beautify your product descriptions!


Here are a couple of easy “hacks” that I use to beef-up my text in TPT:

  1. BoldΒ – <strong>TEXT</strong>
  2. ItalicsΒ – <em>TEXT</em>
  3. UnderlineΒ – <span style=”text-decoration:underline;”>TEXT</span>
  4. Center – <center>TEXT</center>
  5. Links – <a href=”URL”>TEXT</a>

To embed a link into your description make sure that you put “http://” before the “www” part of your URL. Also note that the TEXT you enter is what will show up in the description as the clickable component.

Here is an example of what an embedded link would look like:
<a href=””>Click Here to Visit My Store!</a>

**Note that you can not italicize and bold the same word at the same time (TPT won’t allow it).


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5 thoughts on “How to Use Coding in TPT Product Descriptions

    1. I just double checked and it worked for me. Did you ensure that there is a space between the words “span” and “style”? If there are any extra spaces at the end of the code when you copy & paste that will also cause it not to work.

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