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Hello, it’s me… No, not Adele, it’s me, Ash 🙂 I know i’ve been away for a while (not on social media) and blogbutton2I have been lacking on the blog post updates – and for that i’m sorry :S

Now that we are on Christmas break, I finally have some time to write a blog post. My first post for this month HAS to be my December linky party for the Global Glitter Tribe, to which I am an admin. This month is being hosted by the lovely Myranda at Keep Calm and Teach 5th Grade and she has come up with a lovely graphic. So without any further ado, here is my link-up for this month:


Staple Recipe

With the holidays quickly approaching, I really try to eat as healthy as I can before the big event! Being gluten-free can also be a challenge everyday, but even more so when travelling. One of my go-to recipes is my Chicken & Apple Salad.

– 1 portion of spinach (bowl full)
– 1 quarter of an apple (I prefer gala)
– a handful of dried cranberries
– some sliced avocado
– pre-cooked, sliced chicken
– a fork-full of goat-cheese (crumbled on top)
– a handful of nuts
(I like to use walnuts, almonds or sunflower seeds)

Holiday Read Aloud

decOne of the best stories that I have ever read is December by Eve Bunting. This author has written some amazing stories that I love including Fly Away Home but nothing is as suiting for the holidays as December.

The story is about a mother and son who are homeless and are visited by an old woman who turns out to be a guardian angel of sorts. I use it as a reminder to my students about themes of gratitude and kindness (among many others). If you want to check out the story, here’s a video of a father reading the story to his sons.

Integrated Technology

For the past couple of months I have been using Plickers in my classroom and let me tell you – it has been a God send! Plickers is a free app and website that allows you to get your student’s responses to a multiple choice or true/false question. Students are each assigned a number and given what looks for a QR code. Their response will be scanned by a single device held by the teacher, and depending on how the student is holding their card, will correlate to the response (A,B,C,D) that they give.

New Find

 Lately, I have been doing some new types of scopes on Periscope. Every other Friday I have been sharing “Design Deals” for my teacherpreneur friends. One of the best deals that I have found to date was on My Design Deals, which was essentially over $1,300 worth of images, fonts and Photoshop components for only $29. Click here to check out my scope and here for the direct link for this deal.

Engaging Books

One of my favourite books to start the new year is Wonder by R. J. Palacio. Not only is it a great book to engage any reader, but it is also a fantastic read for anyone, at any age. It is one of those books that I wish I had read in my youth, because it is just THAT powerful.

Snow Day Plans

Like any tech-savvy teacher knows, Go Noodle is a go-to for those snowy days to help keep students’ hyper activity at bay. It helps get them up and moving, while also teaching them to work together to earn a fun reward. One my students favourite videos is “Peanut Butter in a Cup”. I have some of my girls practicing it even when they are outside in the snow lol.

So that is my link-up for this month, thank you for reading 🙂 Want to join in? Go to the Global Glitter Tribe, download the image and write your own blog post or share your image on Instagram 🙂


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